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Making a move on fees

New lawsuit and SRO proposals could affect CSA’s decision

Rules for “planners”

Policy-makers called on to do more than they’re proposing

Taxes: Incorporate — or not?

How the CRA will apply the new rules remains unclear

senior woman student in class

Women fear outliving their savings

Lower income levels, lack of confidence in investing and greater exposure to eldercare issues may be contributing factors

Tech sector offers opportunity – and risk

Clients interested in investing in technology companies must be reminded of the sector's high volatility

Will the OSC deliver for seniors?

Measures in the OSC’s Seniors Strategy are being adopted elsewhere

Vanguard’s expansion

Mutual funds launch could make Vanguard a formidable competitor

Much work to be done

Survey participants raise several concerns

Financial literacy levels are stagnant

Canadians' level of financial literacy is not improving despite attempts by the federal government and other groups to help consumers

U.S. tax reform takes a big toll

Had the big banks and life insurers not taken significant charges, the average earnings gain would've been 29% rather than only 6.6%

Leadership corporate hierarchy recruiter team leader employee selection new job

Jordy Chilcott takes on a new challenge

Competing for shelf space will be more difficult, thanks to tightening product shelves and regulatory requirements

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IIROC takes aim at minor infractions

The SRO is looking to deal with certain cases more quickly

Scotiabank beefs up

Acquisition helps Scotiabank expand in the institutional space

A united voice

PCMA/NEMA merger will streamline both groups’ operations

Financial business chart and economic development

The risks in betting on volatility

A sudden surge in the VIX in early February led to the termination of certain exchange-traded products — and a harsh lesson for many investors

BCSC grapples with fintech regulation

New consultation paper contemplates the inevitability of increasing automation in the financial advisory business

Businessman making presentation with his colleagues and business strategy digital layer effect at the office as concept

Clients care little about funds’ brands

Research found that advisors are far more likely to choose proprietary investment funds for their clients

Sell-off marks end of bond bull market

Meagre returns in government debt are driving investors into equities, but bonds still serve a key purpose for some clients

Finding common ground on elder abuse

IFIC, FAIR Canada and the CCEL favour empowering firms and advisors to stop suspected financial abuse

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Court case reveals risks in gifting assets

Setting up a trust or buying an insurance policy could offer protection for clients' families without putting assets at risk

Newsmaker: An advocate for change

The new head of Women in Capital Markets is well positioned to promote greater equality within the industry

Business woman showing stock market financial situation

MFDA ramps up enforcement of sales rule

Violations of the rule involve certain incentives programs

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Volatility returns

Investors may reconsider the risks they take on within their RRSPs

Business man with calculator

Advisors protest

New disclosure rules from CLHIA draw complaints

The Center Block and the Peace Tower in Parliament Hill

Feds urged to act on retirement savings

There are many recommendations for this year's federal budget, but changes to registered plans are front and centre