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technological developments

The good and the bad of MGA tech support for advisors

Some advisors reported challenges when MGAs were intermediaries and required to coordinate with large insurers

compensation communication

Are insurance advisors paid properly?

Advisors are generally satisfied with their pay, but some are questioning industry standards of compensation

  • By: Katie Keir
  • February 12, 2024 February 9, 2024
  • 00:13
high rating performance

Insurance advisors generally satisfied with support from carriers, agencies

Some areas, such as tax and estate planning, showed room for improvement

  • By: Emily Fox
  • February 12, 2024 February 9, 2024
  • 00:12

Insurance Advisor Report: How we did it

Through a new web survey, insurance advisors across Canada shared their working experiences

  • By: IE Staff
  • February 12, 2024 February 9, 2024
  • 00:11
man rock climbing

Mutual fund families overcame another challenging year

The top-performing families employed a variety of asset management strategies

crypto currency regulation

How to handle cryptocurrency on tax returns

Tax experts suggest erring on the side of caution

see-saw with king chess piece and pawns

Orgs push back on more latitude for fund dealers

CIRO faces opposition on proposals covering managed accounts and temporary discretionary accounts

right or wrong choice

CIRO rule book harmonization faces backlash

Stakeholders are concerned about cost, complexity and lack of imagination

a man on a precipice

Tepid economic growth forecast for 2024

With inflation down a lot, economists foresee the BoC cutting rates four to six times

Portrait of Sara Petrcich, BMO

Adding structure to the ETF business

Newsmaker: After more than two decades trading derivatives, Sara Petrcich is BMO GAM’s head of ETFs and structured solutions

dispute resolution

CSA moves forward with binding dispute resolution

Proposals seek to eliminate lowball settlements

Marcello Montanari, left, and Rob Cavallo, right

Mutual Fund Managers of the Year take the team approach

Long-watched themes paid out big this year for Rob Cavallo and Marcello Montanari, joint managers of the RBC Life Science & Technology Fund

men rolling heavy balls up ramp and stairs

Investor advocates take stock of progress

Focus turns to advisor titles and CFR compliance

CRA signage

Expanded trust reporting arrives with temporary relief for bare trusts

Clients should be prepared for new obligations


CRA’s 10% interest rate on overdue tax raises risks

Proposed legislation extends reassessment period

Shot of a group of young businesspeople using a laptop during a meeting in the boardroom of a modern office

Investors ask for mandated diversity disclosure

Issuers prefer a more principles-based approach to sharing data about board members

Lightbulb drawn around tree image, indicating sustainable ideas

What’s next for the ISSB?

Consultation shows range of views on where the organization should focus next

Illustration and Painting

Strong markets boost financial firms as risks lie ahead

Profit Survey: High rates may cut into profits in future quarters

right or wrong choice

Expanded uses for enforcement sanctions panned

Stakeholders worry the money could be turned into a slush fund

online learning

Industry ready for education shakeup

CIRO consultation shows support for exam-based model


Ontario ruling sheds light on how wills are revived

Handwritten notes are deemed a valid codicil

ESG investments

How ETFs are managing ESG engagement

It’s still a challenge for passive funds

reviewing files

At the half: Breaking down 2023’s top ETF themes

Trading patterns provide clues to which investors are buying which funds


Liquid alt ETFs get boost from unexpected places

Almost five years into the regime, new categories have won over investors

saving for a home

FHSAs can be a versatile savings tool for clients

ETFs can boost an FHSA strategy by offering diversification and downside protection