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Remaking the industry

CSA anticipates its proposals will add costs for the industry

Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, On

Banking: A shift from retail

Scotiabank’s recent acquistions were a complimentary fit

Jean-François Courveille

Focus on advisors

B2B service could become the driver of Wealthsimple’s business

  • July 27, 2018 July 25, 2018
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Insurance leads to better view of advice

Recent research reveals that clients who have life insurance place more value on the advice they receive and are more loyal

Investment Executive July 2018 front cover

OSC sets sights on new targets

Establishing “harm” is no easy task

Stacked white books on rules and regulations

New fund rule delays

Proposals would make alternative investments more accessible

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Quitting annuities

Manulife’s exit leaves a big gap

Investment Executive July 2018 page 6

Healthy rise in income for firms

The average increase in earnings was a strong 21% thanks to Fairfax's and Brookfield's big gains in the quarter

Investment Executive June 2018 front cover

Disciplinary proposals panned

IIROC’s plans have been criticized by industry and investors advocates

Investment Executive June 2018 front cover

IA’s reach expands

Major insurers’ acquisitions of large MGAs a growing trend

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Cybersecurity: Industry resists

New requirements would result in additional compliance costs

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What drives investors to robo-advisors?

Interest and knowledge of financial matters play a key role in clients' choice of investment-management channel

Investment Executive June 2018 front cover

Newsmaker: A “compelling opportunity” for Packham

The head of newly formed Aviso Wealth aims to attract advisors from the banks, independent firms and insurers

Making a move on fees

New lawsuit and SRO proposals could affect CSA’s decision

Rules for “planners”

Policy-makers called on to do more than they’re proposing

Taxes: Incorporate — or not?

How the CRA will apply the new rules remains unclear

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Women fear outliving their savings

Lower income levels, lack of confidence in investing and greater exposure to eldercare issues may be contributing factors

Tech sector offers opportunity – and risk

Clients interested in investing in technology companies must be reminded of the sector's high volatility

Will the OSC deliver for seniors?

Measures in the OSC’s Seniors Strategy are being adopted elsewhere

Vanguard’s expansion

Mutual funds launch could make Vanguard a formidable competitor

Much work to be done

Survey participants raise several concerns

Financial literacy levels are stagnant

Canadians' level of financial literacy is not improving despite attempts by the federal government and other groups to help consumers

U.S. tax reform takes a big toll

Had the big banks and life insurers not taken significant charges, the average earnings gain would've been 29% rather than only 6.6%

Leadership corporate hierarchy recruiter team leader employee selection new job

Jordy Chilcott takes on a new challenge

Competing for shelf space will be more difficult, thanks to tightening product shelves and regulatory requirements

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IIROC takes aim at minor infractions

The SRO is looking to deal with certain cases more quickly