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Letter: Misleading sales pitches impede investor decisions

To be seen as professionals, advisors must be reasonable and transparent, writes John De Goey

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Letter: Ontario’s title protection framework is long overdue

Minimum standards for credentialing bodies, and the robust process for approving those bodies, were determined after extensive consultations, writes Huston Loke

  • By: Huston Loke
  • September 23, 2022 September 23, 2022
  • 10:22
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Letter: Policy implementation shouldn’t be a partisan issue

Cited risks from collaboration with industry are unfounded, writes Paul Bourque

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Letter: Investors pay the price for rules that should never have existed

The industry must learn to better sense investor needs instead of reacting to regulations, writes Ken Kivenko

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Letter: Lament over modernization task force is misplaced

Disappointment rests on a mistaken presumption, writes Ian Russell

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Letter: Greatest climate-related risk is government and regulatory interference

Humans can continue to adapt to the historically modest changes recently seen in our climate, writes David McGruer

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Letter: An investor’s perspective on the regulatory treadmill

In most instances, the industry has only itself to blame for the protracted and costly nature of policymaking in this country, writes Harvey Naglie

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Letter: Time for a national voice for Main Street investors

An investor advisory council would allow retail investors to speak on their own behalf and promote active dialogue between regulators and investors, writes Ken Kivenko

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Letter: Industry has made significant progress on strategic issues throughout pandemic

Rebounding equities markets and continued demand for wealth services were major factors in strong industry performance, writes Ian Russell


Letter: Investment industry well-positioned for the post-Covid recovery

Strong performance in 2020 bodes well for the year ahead, writes Ian Russell

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Letter: CCMR needs a strategic approach

Either develop a plan to complete the project, or scrap it entirely, writes Ian Russell

  • By: Ian Russell
  • October 14, 2020 October 14, 2020
  • 11:47
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Letter: Fundamental changes to regulatory landscape in the air

The interests of portfolio managers' clients are better protected under the current system of regulatory oversight, argues PMAC president

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Letter: Time to act on structural reform

Ian Russell responds to comments on his opinion piece on SRO consolidation

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Letter: What’s the rush to merge IIROC and MFDA?

SRO reform should serve the public interest and investors’ needs, writes John Carson of FAIR Canada

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Letter: SROs at a crossroads

Investors want regulation that will watch their back and a regulator they can trust, writes Ken Kivenko

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Letter: Proposed rules on vulnerable clients need clarification

The CSA framework is an important first step, but more details are required, writes the vice president of IIAC

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Letter: SRO merger makes sense

Streamlined regulations would benefit the industry and clients, writes Jim Rogers

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Letter: More rules don’t necessarily mean better investor protection

The regulatory response to Covid-19 has improved the investor experience, writes Ian Russell

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Is self-regulation working in the public interest?

IIROC’s findings of industry misconduct require a stronger response

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The slow death of Canada’s banking ombudsman

The independent dispute resolution service has been abandoned by most of the big Canadian banks

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Letter: Advisors must embrace “factfulness”

Many advisors in Canada are providing the same kind of advice they offered 20 years ago

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Regulatory costs weaken portfolio returns: IIAC

Aggressive deregulation agenda would not interfere with completion of the client-focused reforms, association president argues

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Clients have spoken — and regulators should listen

IFIC’s recent Canadian Mutual Fund Investor Survey found that investors are very satisfied with their advisors and prefer to pay their fees indirectly

Bias on embedded commissions ban?

Investment industry players that favour a ban are either far removed from the average investor or could benefit directly from it

  • By: Mark Kent
  • July 17, 2017 November 12, 2019
  • 13:40
Letters to the editor: IIROC firms already meet the best interests of their clients

IIROC firms already meet the best interests of their clients

Regulators’ proposals to impose a best interests standard would be “duplicative and confusing”

  • By: Ian Russell
  • February 28, 2017 November 12, 2019
  • 17:00