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Retail sales rose in April despite inflation

"The U.S. consumer now appears to be single-handedly keeping the global economy afloat," economist said

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Buying opportunity or prelude to recession?

Reports break down how much further tanking markets have to go


Brokerage books gain significant value

Growth was due to flows in financial assets and rising markets rather than expanding client bases

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Ontario, Quebec yet to match feds’ proposed small business tax break

The federal budget proposed increasing the level of taxable capital at which a business can still access the small business rate

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Canadian home sales down in April as mortgage rates rise

CREA said typical discounted five-year fixed rates have leaped from about 3% to 4% in a month

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As Russian invasion drags on, investor protection worries linger

European regulators set expectations for investment funds and issuers amid the conflict

win the race

Simple and steady wins the grid race

Pay has remained important to financial advisors, who value straightforward grids

European Union headquarters

EU cuts forecast for economic growth as war’s fallout widens

Inflation in the 19 countries that share the euro currency hit 7.5% in April


Crypto crash hits trading platform’s finances

Unlike stock exchanges, Coinbase's revenues are tied to the assets' value

Ranking the risk to mortgage markets

Australia is most exposed to higher rates, a Fitch report said, while Canada ranked fourth

office technology investment

Firms must invest broadly in financial planning resources

Technology investment alone is not a panacea

remote work

Back-office woes in a remote-working world

Firms are investing in support systems for a hybrid future

key to success

Advisors adjusting to impact of CFRs

The key to success is providing ongoing support and system adjustments

Duane Ledgister

What true diversification means

Duane Ledgister likes alternatives for his business-owner clients

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How to help clients plan for career changes

Financial advisors are seeing noticeable changes in clients' financial and retirement planning priorities when it comes to their careers

How to reassure clients about cybersecurity

Preparing a security guide for clients is a best practice, says an IT expert

Tips for surviving next year’s RRSP season

If you've been overwhelmed over the past month, two financial advisors offer ideas for improving your experience in 2023

Effective planning includes updating beneficiary designations

At FP Canada's ethics session, financial planners were urged to proactively address client changes