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What’s on the regulatory horizon for ETFs?

Advisors should monitor tax changes, T+1 and a wide-ranging review of the sector

  • By: IE Staff
  • October 15, 2023 October 13, 2023
  • 00:07
match the symbols

ETF boutiques find their niche

In a market dominated by big banks and multinationals, smaller providers must overcome significant barriers to thrive

building blocks

Building an ETF portfolio for a high-rate environment

Two experts explain their selections

passive income

Are passive ETFs suited to a high interest-rate environment?

We asked three experts

investment results

Single-stock ETFs versus CDRs: A comparison

Both products offer fractional exposure to U.S. stocks, but they differ substantially from one another

  • By: Rudy Luukko
  • October 15, 2023 October 11, 2023
  • 00:02
concept of time

Will cash ETFs stand the test of time (and markets)?

History suggests ETF trends are often momentary phenomena tied to unique market conditions

early bird gets the worm

Does first-mover advantage matter for ETFs?

Funds that launch first often gather more assets and charge higher fees, but they don’t always maintain their top status

  • By: Yan Barcelo
  • October 15, 2023 October 11, 2023
  • 00:00
Two happy carpenters shaking hands with senior customer after successful agreement in a workshop.

Window closing on family business transfers using Bill C-208

Fed’s proposed new rules will be more restrictive

George Mavroudis

Guardian CEO adapts with the times

Newsmaker: George Mavroudis has seen his firm expand globally. Now he’s eyeing the retail market

a man pushing a giant ball while others push squares

Dealers thriving in high-rate environment

Interest revenue and fee income have boosted profits

stock market

Regulators mull redemption fees for investors who sell during market stress

Fund industry pushes back on reforms to address liquidity issues

Tax reduction and deduction for businesses and individuals. Concept with hand turning knob to low taxation rate. Return form, exemptions, incentives.

Tighter AMT rules a pain for trusts

Ineligibility for the basic exemption disadvantages commonly used structures

Rohit Mehta

New Horizons CEO talks scale and consolidation

Newsmaker: In a more crowded ETF field, Rohit Mehta says there’s still room for innovation


No clear consensus on diversity disclosures

The CSA extended the comment period for competing corporate governance proposals

Magnifying glass on documents

What’s behind the CSA’s review of ETFs?

Regulators are examining the sector to determine if reforms are needed

home ownership

FHSAs find their footing as more firms launch accounts

Advisors see opportunities as the account grows in popularity

investor restitution challenges

SRO proposal highlights investor restitution challenges

Low collection rates and potentially high administration costs raise concern

different generations

Family businesses urged to step up succession

Clients have until end of year to take advantage of looser C-208 rules

crypto currency regulation

Global regulators come for crypto

A critical mass of activity shows intent to rein in the industry

Andrew Kriegler

Taking down regulatory silos

The Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization has a lot more work to do, says Andrew Kriegler, inaugural president and CEO

racial equity

Racial equity and the environment becoming bigger proxy issues

Regulators are proposing more extensive disclosure from issuers

long road

The long road to total cost reporting

Rules take effect for the 2026 reporting year, with clients receiving disclosure in 2027

Brandt Butt

A ringside seat to Winnipeg’s business community

A conversation with a stockbroker sparked Brandt Butt’s initial interest in finance

planning challenge

Tougher minimum tax regime poses planning challenge

Wealthy clients who earn capital gains and make large donations will be hit

business owner expenses

Business owners brace for second stage of CPP expansion

In 2023, employers are paying 44.7% more at the top end than in 2018