Mobile technology

“The firm has come such a long way in two years. What I can do on my smartphone is unbelievable. I can trade and pull up portfolios. [DS] has overdelivered in mobile technology.”
– a DS advisor

We have Windows Surface tablets that also act as our desktops. They’re really slick.”
– a Richardson GMP advisor

Succession program

“It’s one of the best as far as ease of use and compensation [are concerned]. It’s important that we have it in place. It’s part of our culture.”
– an Edward Jones advisor

“It’s an excellent program because the firm gives us a lot of independence in who we pass the book over to.”
– an NBF advisor

Financial planning

“We have a brilliant team. The financial planners are highly qualified and very detail-focused. They gather all the information, which is a pain, but the advice is top-class.”
– an Odlum Brown advisor

“Between the estate group, the financial planning group and the services I offer, we can solve just about anything. That’s what clients are looking for – the value-added service.”
– a Wood Gundy advisor

Equities research

“Our equities research is extremely diverse, and we’ve added massive quantitative analysis. Most companies are covered internally; if not, we can get reports from other firms – and they’re pretty good about sharing.”
– a Canaccord Genuity advisor

Compliance department

“I have no issues with the compliance department. I talk to them more than they talk to me. They give good advice and are supportive in helping me make money.”
– a Leede advisor

“They have a difficult job to do. They’re under pressure to keep us all in line. You just need to respond to them, tell them the truth and they’ll leave you alone.”
– a ScotiaMcLeod advisor

Informing advisors

“We have town hall meetings twice a year in which the American and Canadian CEOs give us the lowdown and open the floor so that all staff members can ask questions of the firm about any issue. That level of communication is great.”
– a Raymond James advisor

“They’re good at this, especially lately. They’ve been keeping people in the loop [about] changes and improvements.”
– a Nesbitt advisor

Corporate culture

“[Toronto-Dominion Bank] has a very cohesive work environment. Everyone is collaborative in different divisions. There’s never anyone saying, ‘This is not my issue.’ It’s a policy that I think works very well.”
– a TD Wealth PIA advisor

“Our firm is one of the few that rely on advisors helping advisors – and helping the firm grow. It’s more of a partnership mentality.”
– an Edward Jones advisor