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Regardless if investment advisors rated their firm positively or negatively in the annual Brokerage Report Card during the past decade, they’re willing to recommend their firm to other advisors more often than not on a consistent basis.

BRC 2018: How a firm’s ratings impact advisors’ recommendations

The reasons why advisors are happy to recommend their brokerage can vary from the firm’s positive work environment to its commitment to independence. However, there have been times over the years when some advisors have been a little hesitant to suggest other advisors join their brokerage; that feeling is sometimes reflected in a firm’s IE rating for that year. (The IE rating is the average of all the categories on the Report Card’s main ratings table for which a brokerage received a score.)

View this slideshow to take a closer look at the percentage of advisors who would recommend their firm to another advisor, and why, as compared with the brokerage’s IE rating during the past 10 years.