advisor on top / Rowan Jordan

Mutual funds have constituted the vast majority of Dealers’ Report Card advisors’ gross revenues since 2017 — ranging from 67% in 2019 to 76% in 2021.

And while mutual funds have consistently placed second to individual equities in Brokerage Report Card advisors’ gross revenues over the same period, mutual funds’ share of revenue for 2021 was 2.3 percentage points higher than in 2017.

ETFs have outsold mutual funds in Canada since 2018, but the products took until 2020 to crack 10% of brokerage advisors’ revenues. Also in 2020, ETFs rose to 3% for dealer advisors’ revenues for the first time in the five-year period.

Here’s a look at product distribution trends in terms of advisors’ gross revenue over the past five Dealers’ and Brokerage Report Cards.

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Brokerage advisor product usage, 2017 - 2021 and Dealer advisor product usage, 2017-2021