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suspicious client

Regulator recommends studying ban, beefing up disclosure

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The salary drop tracks with a 17% decline in bonuses

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There's also growing dissatisfaction with asset-based fees

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Survey will include small, medium and large firms

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Agreements allow reps to receive compensation from credit unions for securities-related activities

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U.S. regulator adopts rules to enhance transparency and oversight of alternative trading systems

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The recommendations seek to assist regulators’ oversight of the effectiveness of compensation tools in addressing misconduct risk

Ethics and disclosure are key to whatever compensation model financial planners and financial advisors employ

Scotiabank, National Bank and CIBC advisors were quite vocal in their disapproval of changes to their paycheques

Court rules in favour of labour-sponsored venture fund against fund manager

Investment manager is not able to collect bonuses after dismissal because contract stated he must be “actively employed” with the firm for a four-year period