“I appreciate independence [but also] having a very good research department. [The] compensation model is fair, rewarding teams that work hard.”
– an advisor in Ontario with Industrial Alliance Securities


“Our business has changed a lot since I began. When I started it was all transactional [and now] fee-based is becoming a big thing. As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to take care of you as my client and I’m going to explain everything. I don’t think regulators should be pushing fee-based.”
– an advisor in Ontario with Edward Jones


“Working in this field, there isn’t a day that’s the same. We get to meet individuals, create wealth and help people. The stock market is alive and kicking, [so there’s] a mix of excitement as well as the human aspect.”
– an advisor in Quebec with BMO Nesbitt Burns


“[The best aspect of my firm is] the people, both in head office and [my] colleagues. There is certainly a lot of genuineness and support. The technology [has] continued to improve and I feel positive about it moving forward.”
– an advisor with Sterling Mutuals


“Better the devil you know than the one you don’t. [My] friends are with other firms. The issues I have with IPC are minimal compared to other firms.”
– an advisor in Atlantic Canada with Investment Planning Counsel


“I [recommend my firm] on a regular basis. I left a big bank after they tried to make [me] a banker. I wanted freedom and independence; I found [that] at Manulife.”
– an advisor in Atlantic Canada with Manulife Securities


“[Spend] more energy and time on training so we are all on the same level. The customers won’t feel a difference between one advisor and another.”
– a retail advisor in Ontario with Bank of Nova Scotia


“Amazon launching their own financial services pieces [is a threat to revenue]. They have great market share [and there’s] potential for competition in the long run.”
– a retail advisor in the Prairies with Royal Bank of Canada


“[The firm] needs to acknowledge the importance of investment, and have the tools. If you are not investing, then in five to 10 years, you’re dead.”
– an advisor in Quebec with Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada)

Shut out of the club

“At a retreat, there were five of us [women] among five hundred. They handed out cigars! The old boys’ club lives, [though] it’s better than it was 20 years ago.”
– brokerage advisor in Ontario (2009)

Ten years later, not much different

“I find everyone agreeable and […] we are collaborative, but it’s a boys’ club. More women in senior management is what I would like to see.”
– brokerage advisor in Quebec (2019)