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ESG dividends

Yields are lower than those of competitors, but company quality is higher

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The proposal follows the surtax and recovery dividend introduced in last year's budget

Businessman takes bag of money from another businessman.

Payouts to stay flat as companies face rising recession risk

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StatsCan reports that high earners saw incomes decline in 2020, but women fared better than men

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Use these tips to start the conversation

Financial accounting business sheet calculator

Net income for the bank's wealth management division increased to $750 million compared with $683 million a year ago

bull and bear stock market

Profit Survey: Eleven firms increased their dividends in the latest quarter


Only two of 42 companies reported losses in Investment Executive's Profit Survey

niche investment

The pandemic will continue to create uneven distributions across countries and sectors

Skyline of the financial district

The dividend hike and share buyback plan follow OSFI's decision to lift pandemic restrictions