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As the pandemic makes it difficult to meet with current and potential clients, many advisors are worried about how to grow their books of business, according to research fromĀ Toronto-based AdvisorStream, a digital marketing platform for advisors.

AdvisorStream’s survey found that 48% of advisors are concerned about losing clients in 2020. Advisors who said they didn’t use digital marketing are even more worried, with 52% concerned about losing clients.

Digital tools may be the answer. Advisors who use digital marketing tools reported that client leads rose nearly 40% compared with the pre-pandemic period. These tools include social media, newsletters and websites.

“If there was ever a moment for advisors to deploy digital solutions, now is that moment,” said Kevin Mulhern, CEO and co-founder of AdvisorStream, in a release.

AdvisorStream noted that clients are most interested in receiving information related to wellness, the economy, owning a business, budgeting, health, markets and investor psychology.

The AdvisorStream survey results were gathered from almost 1,000 advisors in Canada and the U.S. and include data from the company’s own platform. The survey was conducted online between March and June 2020.

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