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father and son conversation

Advisors can build intergenerational relationships to retain clients' children

online investing

Tech, profound shocks have changed investor behaviour

  • By: Ian Russell
  • January 16, 2023 January 16, 2023
  • 15:00
Data protection concept. GDPR. EU. Cyber security. Business man using mouse computer with padlock icon and internet technology network on blue background.

Tech can help protect firms and advisors against two key risks

Hand holding a light bulb

As clients evolve, so must advisory services

  • By: Rod Burylo
  • September 7, 2022 September 7, 2022
  • 09:41
advisor client technology

Client attrition trends and regulatory reform demand digital adoption

  • By: David Reeve
  • February 28, 2022 February 23, 2022
  • 15:00
usiness team in a meeting looking at a sheet of paper

Digital marketing tools may be the answer

  • By: IE Staff
  • July 28, 2020 December 15, 2020
  • 12:37
client complaints tablet

How you and your team respond to complaints can determine whether clients feel that they're getting the attention they deserve. A 10-step checklist can ensure client issues are resolved to satisfaction

Telling stories to win clients

Getting new clients is good, but keeping the clients you have can be far more profitable

The secret of client retention

Deep knowledge of your clients is essential to meeting their expectations

Telling stories to win clients

Acquiring new clients is expensive, time-consuming and uncertain