niche investment / Olivier Le Moal

Net sales of Canadian investment funds exceeded $23 billion in February, according to a report from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC).

Mutual funds generated $17.5 billion in net sales, with balanced funds leading ($8.7 billion) and seeing significant monthly and year-over-year growth. Equities funds ($6.5 billion) and bond funds ($2.5 billion) were next in line, and money market funds experienced an outflow of $957 million.

ETFs generated $5.8 billion in net sales, with equities funds continuing to lead the way at $3.5 billion. Bond funds ($1.2 billion) and balanced funds ($477 million) both posted lower net sales compared with January. There was an outflow of $230 million from money market funds, significantly larger than a month ago.

At the end of the month, Canadian mutual fund assets totalled $1.81 trillion, up 2% from January’s $1.78 trillion. ETF assets also saw an increase, rising 3.6% from a month earlier to $269.2 billion.

IFIC’s ETF data are not adjusted to remove the double-counting of ETFs that invest in other ETFs.