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The ETFs mirror the strategies of CI's liquid alternative mutual funds


A global industry survey sheds light on what investors are looking for

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Evolve is also shuttering two cannabis ETFs

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Actively managed fund invests in high-yielding debt from around the world

  • By: IE Staff
  • January 27, 2020 January 27, 2020
  • 10:27
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ETF assets have grown by more than five times since the end of 2010, according to IFIC

  • By: IE Staff
  • January 24, 2020 January 24, 2020
  • 13:02
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Prospectus was filed Thursday to launch two socially responsible ETFs

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The two new high-income ETFs are also available in mutual fund versions

IFIC reports that ETF sales were up in all asset classes tracked in December

  • By: IE Staff
  • January 21, 2020 January 21, 2020
  • 14:55
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The new offerings include a balanced ETF devoted to ESG

The company will hold a unitholder meeting to approve the merger