Dedication has paid off for long-time insurance sales agent Sun Yung Tsu (Joe Sun) with Manulife Financial Corp. in Hong Kong as he has recently been awarded the Guinness World Records title for “the longest career as a corporate salesperson.”

At 91 years of age, Sun has been employed with Manulife Hong Kong for 62 years, 238 days and counting. Sun earned the title on July 11 and was recognized with an official certificate at a mega agency event in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

“I have enjoyed every moment of my first six decades with the company and I am not planning for retirement yet,” Sun says, in a statement. “In work and in life, it is important to always look forward and be passionate.”

Sun first joined Manulife in 1954 after he and only six other candidates were chosen among a pool of 400 applicants. At the time, the branch consisted of just 20 staff members. Currently, the Hong Kong division has almost 7,000 advisors.

Sun quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Manulife’s most successful agents, receiving the qualification of a five-star master builder in 1979, earning top 10 divisional leader rankings 15 times and earning superstar status five times, the firm says in a statement.

“Insurance is the shield that protects people from blows they cannot see coming,” Sun says. “The industry will change over time, but serving clients will always be at the forefront of our business.”

Photo copyright: Manulife Financial Corp.