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Convergence takes hold

Long gone are the days when mutual funds and ETFs were two solitudes. Having both products has proven to be a winning strategy

  • By: Rudy Luukko
  • November 27, 2018 September 20, 2019
  • 10:00
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A reality check for your clients

The projections for mutual fund returns in the next several years are modest at best

  • By: Rudy Luukko
  • November 20, 2018 September 20, 2019
  • 06:00
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Regulators’ attention to mutual funds persists

The CSA is focused on introducing greater investor-protection rules while planning to eliminate some of the unnecessary rules and requirements mutual funds face

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Limiting the risk of investing in emerging markets

Multinational companies with significant operations in emerging markets provide a safer alternative to the stocks of local companies

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Little leeway for feds in next budget

Solid economic growth and the recently negotiated U.S./Mexico/Canada Agreement for trade are points of strength, but the large deficit doesn't give Ottawa much room to…

Income splitting in the age of TOSI

Although the new "tax on split income" rules target adult children and spouses of business owners, there are exceptions that permit income splitting under certain…

Changes coming for RDSPs?

Senate committee's recommendations would increase enrolment and make accessing funds easier for planholders

Coming clean on foreign property

The CRA is increasing efforts to collect taxes due on assets held offshore. Clients who fail to comply could face hefty penalties

Changes to VDP raise questions

The CRA revised its voluntary disclosure program, which may deter some taxpayers from coming forward. Applications to the program are down significantly since the changes…

Running a business through a TFSA?

The CRA is targeting advisors who appear to be engaging in high-frequency trading and day trading to boost their TFSA earnings. Some advisors say the…

New trust rules coming

Beginning in 2021, most family trusts will be required to file tax returns with the CRA even if those trusts don't earn income or make…

Most provinces standing pat

With various provincial elections slated for next year and uncertainty surrounding the introduction of a federal carbon tax, there were not many tax changes implemented…

Key yearend tax tips

There are several tax-planning strategies that you and your clients should consider - from crystallizing capital gains and losses to maximizing charitable donations and TFSAs…

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Balancing risk in a time of flat yield curves

Investing in bonds to take shelter from the potential tumble in stock prices also carries great risk

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Offering advisor alpha to clients

If you’ve shifted to passive investing, here are ideas to create advisory value for clients

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Attractive opportunities for income-focused investors

Sovereign and corporate emerging-market bonds carry greater risk, but offer potential for significant pick-up in yield to bonds from developed markets

Diverse Large Group Of People Multiethnic Group

How ETF investors are unique — and why it matters to advisors

Find out what research presented at the ETF Summit reveals

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How ETFs fit into a hybrid advice model

Experts describe how they use the funds

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What is safety worth to fixed-income investors?

Bond investors are giving up a lot of yield by taking on government bonds to avoid the potential default in corporate bonds

So, what’s the key to success? Improved advisor productivity. Firms have taken the obvious steps to improve advisors’ performance and enable relationship building with clients, giving advisors the tools to design high-performing and cost-effective portfolios. For example, new technology has enabled online account opening and electronic signatures for client documentation. New technology also has facilitated securities order management and processing, mitigating the growing administrative burden on advisors.

Higher returns over the long haul

In spite of their periodic ups and downs, emerging markets have trended higher over time, providing long-term investors with greater risk-adjusted returns than developed markets

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Emerging markets offer diverse opportunities

Demographic trends, a rising middle class and increasing domestic consumption are among the factors that make emerging market increasingly attractive to investors

Federal reserve building, Washington DC

Central banks’ interest rate increases carry great risk

Short-term interest rate tightening is likely to flatten the yield curve if not accompanied by expectations of higher future inflation

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Small biz tax changes: where we are now

The federal government’s final proposals received royal assent on June 21

ETF Summit agenda

This event is now available for complimentary viewing across Canada via our Virtual Conference