Faced with intensifying competition and ongoing regulatory reform, the mutual fund dealer business appears to be in the midst of a challenging period as financial advisors are seeing their average assets under management (AUM) and productivity decline overall — even as markets climb and mutual fund assets accumulate. However, these trends are being felt more acutely at some firms more than others.

This year, Investment Executive (IE) is looking under these headline trends to break down the data for each individual firm in the Dealers’ Report Card. At some firms, there’s pressure on advisors’ assets, which is, in turn, impacting their compensation negatively and also often affecting advisors’ views of their firms (as measured by their readiness to recommend their firm to another advisor).

However, this experience is not universal. Advisors at some firms are seeing their AUM and compensation rise. In addition, advisors at the more independent firms typically report the highest satisfaction levels — regardless of the size of the book or the trends in compensation.

View the slideshow to explore the average advisor data for each firm:

How the average advisor at each dealer is performing

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