As the digital world evolves, it becomes necessary to use appropriate strategies that will resonate with your target audience.

Your posts can become lost in the flood of information available on social media sites, says Subhas Fagu, partner with Techlicity Ventures Corp., a web design and development firm in Toronto. So, your content may be becoming less effective in generating leads and conversions.

How can you make your content stand out?

“The options you have are overwhelming,” Fagu says. “But the key is to identify those that are meaningful for growing your business.”

The options you choose might involve your website, digital advertising, social media or search engine optimization strategies.

Winning in the digital space requires planning, research and careful execution, Fagu says. Here are some tips to help you achieve digital marketing success:

> Know your audience
Identify where your audience members are likely to spend their time online, Fagu says, and then work on establishing a presence in those areas.

Talk to your clients to find out the sites they use most often and to gain insights into what triggers their decisions. Also, try to determine the online habits of your potential clients.

> Create custom content
If you are marketing across several channels, create content for each channel that reflects your brand, Fagu says.

For example, the content you make available for clients who visit your website should be different from the posts you create to share with prospects on social media.

“Your digital platform must have some logic that matches content with prospects and with current clients [separately],” Fagu says.

At the same time, you should be careful not to project mixed messages, he adds. When creating content, include carefully chosen keywords in your headlines and your text to increase the chances of your content being picked up by search engines.

> Set goals
You must have clear, measurable goals for each digital marketing channel you use. Fagu warns against placing too much emphasis on such metrics as unique visitors to your website, the number of people who have shared or liked your content on Twitter or the number of connections you have on LinkedIn.

While high numbers of these measurable attributes indicate that your posts are being read, what is more important is whether they lead to conversions and, ultimately, will add to your bottom line.

“Converting prospects or visitors [to clients] is what really counts,” Fagu says.

> Make your content mobile friendly
With more and more people accessing the Internet with their mobile devices, Fagu says, it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. “Your content must be easily accessible as well as shareable by smart devices,” he says.

You also should make sure the URLs on your digital advertisements are optimized, Fagu adds, so that they link directly to the relevant content you are promoting on your website.

> Make your content valuable to clients
Do not just promote your product or service, Fagu says. Make your digital content and posts relevant to your clients.

“Add value by providing solutions rather than just what you offer,” he says.

Remember that your competitors are trying to get a piece of the same pie. So, you must strive to be different in order to get prospects to contact you.