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  1. James Langton
    William Coen to succeed Wayne Byres
  2. IE Staff
    Athas Kouvaras joins as regional director
  3. IE Staff
    Carolyn Wilkins will replace Tiff Macklem
  4. IE Staff
    Paul Rochon succeeds retiring Michael Horgan
  5. John Ward
    Until his unexpected departure in mid-March, Flaherty was the Harper government’s first and only finance minister
  6. James Langton
    A search for her successor is underway
  7. Canadian Press
    Michael Horgan, deputy minister, to leave April 19
  8. IE Staff
    COO retiring in October 2015
  9. IE Staff
    Cynthia Campbell comes to the regulator from Alberta Health Services
  10. IE Staff
    Tom Cotter will start a six-year term on April 1