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Labrador retriever with leash is waiting for walk.

Pet owners are showing more interest in making provisions for their furry friends

last will and testament waiting to be filled and signed

IIROC and MFDA advisors could lose their licence if they act as an executor and/or beneficiary

Court ruling shows the need for independent professional advice in cases in which a client's mental state is questionable

Clients who have a will report greater satisfaction with their advisors

Willful aims to reduce the cost and time associated with creating a will

The top two reasons wills are challenged

Matthew Urback explains the two most common reasons clients' wills are contested, leading to a potentially lengthy and costly legal process (Part 2 of 4)

Although people would rather avoid discussing their intentions with their loved ones, much potential future conflict could be mitigated if there’s a will in place

The appeal court has ruled against a lower court decision because there is nothing in the will that offends public policy or violates the law

B.C. focusing on those under 40 in push for people to prepare a will

A high percentage of affluent Canadians do not have wills. A recent judgment from B.C. demonstrates the resulting difficulties