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Ontario courts have the power to validate unsigned, unwitnessed documents as wills, raising risks for executors


Serving as a client's executor totally incompatible with rep's role, panel says

Dog in court

Core issue is ownership of the dog, which is considered property

Judge looks at papers

Former fund rep was named in clients' wills and solicited money from them


Handwritten notes are deemed a valid codicil

court of appeal and supreme court

Wills should consider various scenarios for the sequence of death among beneficiaries

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The case can either proceed to a contested hearing or the two sides may seek a new deal

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Online wills services aren’t for everyone, but they can serve a wide range of clients

last will and testament waiting to be filled and signed

Such scenarios are becoming increasingly common as estate sizes increase, a Vancouver lawyer suggests

will and testament signature

Willful will be promoted to personal banking customers