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Advisors praised their banks' reputation, strong communication efforts and extensive support services, but work remains to be done in other areas

RCB 2018: How advisors rated their banks

How advisors rated their banks

  • By: IE Staff
  • June 22, 2018 June 21, 2018
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Some banks were praised for their ongoing training efforts, while others still have work to do

RCB 2018: The average advisor

The banks have put accusations of poor sales practices behind them, as advisors report having larger, more productive books

The support advisors need from their back offices is critical, but banks are failing to deliver in this important category

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Banks have specialized support services, products and referral arrangements to help advisors take care of the wealthy

Advisors praised their firms' efforts at achieving strong, two-way communication - although some exceptions remain

Banks deliver on their advertising campaigns, but more can be done in marketing support for advisors

Bank skyscrapers in downtown Toronto

The bad press that the banks received as a result of reports regarding unfair sales practices had little impact among clients

At some banks, advisors resemble their brokerage or dealer counterparts; at others, they appear to be positioned much closer to traditional frontline retail bankers