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Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

Many hurdles remain for the CMRA before it becomes a reality

Quebec and Canadian Flags`

The Autorité des marchés financiers will continue overseeing all stakeholders in the Quebec financial sector

Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

With the constitutional challenge resolved, there’s still lots to be done in creating a national regulator

Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

A divided industry awaits SCC ruling on national regulator

Supreme Court of Canada

Depending on an upcoming Supreme Court of Canada ruling, the participating governments will update the timing of the new regulator’s launch

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Later this month, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear a constitutional challenge to the proposed co-operative capital markets regulator

Ottawa Canal at night

Canada's top court will weigh in yet again on new national regulator

The Capital Markets Regulatory Authority will lack the ability to unilaterally impose its regulatory authority across the country

IIAC praises certain regulators for rejecting best interest standard

FAIR Canada and CARP are worried that the OSC, a leading advocate of investor protection, would be subsumed into the new national regulator

Court rules that proposed mechanism for amending securities laws “fetters the parliamentary sovereignty of the participating provinces