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Safeguard your business by knowing your client’s PoA and executor

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Sophisticated buyers will know what to look for to determine if it is a compliant business

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Buying a book of business can be an effective way to increase the size of your practice. But getting it right is no simple task

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The decision to make your exit now or wait five years isn't binary. Many variables could affect the outcome of your choice

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The firm has added 13 advisory teams from a year ago while the average book size per advisory team has risen by more than 80% in two years

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The price a buyer is willing to pay for a book of business drops if the selling advisor is not willing to spend the necessary time to transfer the book accordingly

Acquiring a book of business can result in an overwhelming increase in your workload. Here is a strategy to help you and your team manage your clients more effectively - and profitably

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Here are four steps to reduce the inherent risks when taking over another advisor’s business

The valuation of a financial advisor's book of business for a divorce settlement must be based on a proven methodology that brings appropriate perspective and rationality to the discussion

Early valuations and regular reviews can help you determine whether you can make the transition to retirement at any time. You also can account for changes - both internal and external - that may affect the value of your business