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Here are four steps to reduce the inherent risks when taking over another advisor’s business

The valuation of a financial advisor's book of business for a divorce settlement must be based on a proven methodology that brings appropriate perspective and rationality to the discussion

Early valuations and regular reviews can help you determine whether you can make the transition to retirement at any time. You also can account for changes - both internal and external - that may affect the value of your business

Making sure your plans to sell your business are under wraps is critical, especially in the early stages. Here are some strategies to help you prevent leaks of private information that could sabotage your plans

Several factors, both internal and external, will determine when you should sell your practice. To help ensure you make the right decision, you must ask yourself some key questions

Figuring out how much your business is worth is both an art and a science. Once you understand the five principles of practice valuation, follow these steps to determine an appropriate price range

Arriving at a fair value for your practice is one of the most critical aspects of succession planning because it has a major impact on both an emotional and a financial level

Asking for referrals: pick up the phone

Not all prospective buyers start with a healthy practice and look for a roster of clients that suits their business

Asking for referrals: pick up the phone

The key is finding a roster of clients that suits your business and showing that you are the right advisor to serve those clients

A checklist can help you decide which factors are the most important when you are considering purchasing a well-established practice. What is key is to keep your own priorities firmly in mind