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IOSCO board to develop ICO framework for regulators

The umbrella group of global securities regulators held its annual annual conference in Budapest

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NASAA report confirms progress to comply with DOL fiduciary rule

Conduct standards in the U.S. brokerage industry remain in flux

  • April 24, 2018 September 21, 2018
  • 15:00
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Dissatisfaction with regulators increases

Although the BCSC's ratings increased year-over-year, no other regulators in the survey experienced a similar fortune

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Time to make a move on commissions

The investment industry wants regulators to make a decision on embedded commissions once and for all

How we did it

IE research journalist Anthony Burton spoke with 108 survey participants from across the investment industry

Debating regulators’ role in cybersecurity

While some survey participants said regulators should be doing more about cybersecurity, others said the onus is on the industry

Regulators focus on fintech

Provincial regulators were recognized for facilitating fintech, but some survey participants still had concerns

A balancing act for regulators

Regulators are doing a better job of protecting investors without restricting business, but more needs to be done

Approaches to small firms differ greatly

The OSC, BCSC and ASC were praised for making life easier for smaller dealers, but the same can't be said for the SROs and the…

  • By: Leah Golob
  • March 29, 2018 September 21, 2018
  • 00:13

Small firms call for greater representation

There are complaints that larger firms comprise an outsized proportion of the SROs' boards and these firms have a greater voice

Empathy for the regulators

Many of the increases in regulators' ratings suggest dealers understand the tough job the regulators have to do. (Includes chart.)

Regulators make the grade on guidance

Regulators earn kudos for creating pertinent resources and connecting company executives to knowledgeable people on the ground

Mixed views on disciplinary proceedings

Some describe the investigative process as a "witch hunt." Others believe enforcement teams consider each situation carefully

Smallest clients being left behind?

Some firms are dropping more and more of their smallest clients. Other firms adamantly oppose the practice

No great opposition to proposed standard

Many say the industry should be acting in clients' best interest - and regulators should introduce a standard that would apply to dealers and advisors

How we did it

Compliance officers (COs) and company executives in Canada's investment industry shared their views about the regulators that oversee their businesses once again

Collaboration is key in audits

Being open with auditors will help them go the extra mile and be as flexible as they can on certain mandates

Costs of regulatory burden take their toll

Fewer resources or smaller compliance departments are making the regulatory burden more onerous for smaller firms

Time to get rid of commissions?

A slight, but nonetheless vocal majority believe now is the time to eliminate embedded commissions

Desire for SRO merger intensifies

An IIROC/MFDA merger, which 80% of survey participants support, has been the subject of long-running debate

How we did it

For the eighth year in a row, compliance officers (COs) and company executives throughout the investment industry shared their thoughts about the regulators.

Perception of regulators is a little rosier

Despite volatile markets, an uncertain economic environment and increasing regulation, Canada's regulators are holding their own

Audit process generates mixed views

There are conflicting opinions about regulators' auditors and the approach they take during the auditing process

Regulators’ responses getting better?

Although regulators usually provide quick responses to registrants, the replies are too cautious in the content they provide

Regulators’ approach needs improving

COs and company executives indicated that regulators could take steps to make their policies clearer and more flexible