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Closing the gaps in insurance regulation

Provincial authorities are targeting licensing exam security, MGAs, seg fund disclosures and other issues

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ALDAs protect against longevity risk

Introduced in the 2019 federal budget, these annuities provide income beginning as late as age 85

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How to help families through death claims

A successful claims process begins at the time of sale, say experienced advisors

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An advisor’s role in underwriting

Exercising care, concern and consistency can help you provide your clients with a positive experience and the coverage they need

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Two sides of the insurance sales debate

Should insurance be offered by advisors as part of a holistic financial plan or sold as a complex product by expert salespeople?

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Insurance: An industry in transition

As regulatory oversight increases, advisors grapple with succession, financial planning and independence

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A strategy for assessing insurance suitability

A sneak peek at an upcoming CE course shows three time frames are key to recommendations

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Guiding clients through a CI claim

Balancing immediate needs with long-term expenses is key to using the payout effectively

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Interest-rate hikes boost annuities sales, payouts

Retired and near-retired clients are attracted by the products’ low risk and predictable income

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Are rules governing seg fund sales adequate?

Regulators are drafting new guidance that may lead to revised life insurance licence requirements

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Would you like insurance with that?

New Brunswick joins provinces that enable incidental insurance sales

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Do insurance advisors receive enough ethics training?

The life licence course includes material on compliance and regulation, but some advisors may not be required to update their training

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New insurance sales rules will create “happier” clients

Disclosure requirements and the DSC ban shouldn’t worry advisors who have a professional approach to their business, advisors say

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The next frontier in digitization

Lifecos' main digitization priorities are in sales, underwriting and on high-volume health claims

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Step up customer engagement with wearables

Health monitoring technology can help you offer additional value beyond the death benefit

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Entrepreneurs face key choices with critical illness insurance

Tax factors may influence whether a policy is owned corporately or personally

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Help your client understand par policy dividends

Being clear about the dividend scale is part of the conversation

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Seg funds 101

Learn the pros, cons and intricacies of these often misunderstood products

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Cascading wealth

Boomers are using permanent life insurance to leave a multigenerational legacy

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How insurance-tracking shares can help with estate planning

Consider this strategy for business-owner clients who have whole life insurance


Due diligence is essential when buying an insurance book

Carefully examine a book’s attributes and product mix before purchasing

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On the precipice of change

Faced with low interest rates and a global pandemic, the life insurance sector will continue to evolve to meet advisors' expectations

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Insurance oversight evolves

Regulators aim to improve consumer protection while reducing the regulatory burden

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Time to harmonize CE requirements?

Differing rules among provinces pose problems for course providers and agents

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Digital aspirations in insurance

Technological investment is key to future growth, says Canada Life advisory executive