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Firms make a comeback

An overview of the 2019 Brokerage Report Card results

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Not good enough

Products and services for wealthy clients could be bolstered

Table: How investment advisors rated their firms

Brokerage Report Card 2019 main chart

How investment advisors rated their firms

  • By: IE Staff
  • May 3, 2019 July 2, 2019
  • 00:19
Table: The average investmet advisor

A banner year for brokerage advisors

The average advisor saw higher AUM and productivity, and more client households

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Firms must listen

Whether or not a firm will thrive or dive depends on whether executives act on advisor feedback

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Still slow on succession

Clarity from firms on available options may be the key to change

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Failed connections inhibit social media use

Advisors aren't prioritizing online tools as much as firms may think

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Value of holistic planning recognized

As investor needs shift, advisors are embracing a comprehensive look at their clients' finances

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Compliance support improves

Advisors also shared how firms could help further

Firms struggle to deliver

Although advisors reported another all-time high average book of business, they're dealing with much uncertainty due to the major changes their firms and the industry…

BRC 2018 How advisors rated their firms

Brokerage Report Card 2018 main chart

How investment advisors rated their firms

  • By: IE Staff
  • April 27, 2018 August 12, 2019
  • 00:22

Yet another year of strong growth

Many of the trends seen in last year's Report Card have picked up steam, with assets under management and productivity rising at a healthy pace…

Two firms face opposite paths

After a rough showing in 2017, BMO Nesbitt Burns and ScotiaMcLeod faced very different assessments from their advisors this year

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Advisors favour action on commissions

Although 63.5% of advisors surveyed for the Report Card favour regulators addressing concerns surrounding the use of embedded commissions, opinions were split regarding the right…

Strong reputation is critical

A firm's standing in the eyes of clients and prospective clients is one of the most important issues for advisors, but some firms have work…

Back offices still are works in progress

Advisors at four firms cited recent changes that have made the experience of dealing with their back office more difficult

Advisor Quotes

Advisors toast their firms

  • By: IE Staff
  • April 27, 2018 August 12, 2019
  • 00:16

Divergent views on managers

Advisors with bank-owned brokerages were split in their opinions of the roles their branch managers fulfil. Some oppose the producing branch manager model others said…

Struggles with online access

Advisors with five of the 12 firms in the Report Card rated their brokerages lower by half a point or more in the "online account…

Banks’ presence is felt

There are several reasons why advisors with bank-owned investment dealers are unhappy this year, but the shift from being "bank-owned" to "bank-run" is the most…

Brokerage Report Card 2017 main chart

How advisors rated their firms

  • By: IE Staff
  • April 28, 2017 August 12, 2019
  • 00:07
Brokerage Report Card 2017 main chart

Advisors saw solid growth in AUM

Other key metrics also shifted: higher-value accounts now make up a growing proportion of the average book fee- and asset-based sources of revenue continue to…

Big shifts for three bank-owned firms

Ratings for TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, BMO Nesbitt Burns and ScotiaMcLeod swung dramatically this year for a variety of reasons. Corporate culture, strategy and…

Gulf in corporate culture widens

The difference between how advisors with bank-owned dealers and their counterparts with independent firms feel about their corporate culture is more pronounced

Advisors favour “best interest” standard

A remarkable 71% of investment advisors support the CSA's proposal to introduce a best interest standard due to the need to elevate industry standards across…