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October 2021

Comment & Insight

Tim Houston fired the head of the health authority and its entire board the day after he was sworn in

Editorial: By narrowing product lineups to proprietary funds alone, the banks are vulnerable to critics who allege their overwhelming market power stifles competition


The IIAC suggests regulators pay for system changes

New regulations take effect Nov. 15

Jimmy Jean, who became chief economist in May, anticipates the economy will grow by 4.9% in 2021

Profit Survey: Despite the strong results, only three companies were optimistic enough to increase their dividends

The reform addresses concerns regarding retail sales tactics

Insurance Advisors’ Report Card

As the pandemic pushed insurers to adapt and grow, firms prioritized advisors’ needs

The satisfaction of insurance advisors hinges largely on respect for their independence

The advisors surveyed in 2021 were more satisfied, with even the lowest-rated firms seeing many areas of improvement

Both dedicated agencies and MGAs offer a range of communication tools

Methodology for the Insurance Advisors' Report Card

Insurance industry’s “middle class” grows

Focus on Products

The par account needs to provide resilient long-term investment performance