Advice needed on retirement income strategies, report finds

Toronto-based Sentry Investments Inc. has launched a private investment program designed to pay equal attention to the finances of high net-worth investors both prior to and during retirement.

The program includes 10 Sentry private pool funds for investors looking to accumulate wealth before retirement. The funds are specifically meant to generate capital growth and steady income while managing risk.

Sentry also has developed a line of income funds, called Real Income, to address the financial challenges of those in retirement.

“During retirement your key risks are longevity, inflation and volatility of income,” says Sandy McIntyre, vice chairman and chief investment officer, Sentry Investments, in a statement released Monday.

“For longevity, you need a high probability that income will last through retirement,” he adds. “To deal with inflation and income volatility, you need stable monthly income that increases with inflation and is not affected by the volatility of markets. Real Income aims to solve all three challenges.”

The private investment program includes three actively managed portfolios that are individually designed based on the investor’s birth year. Those portfolios are: Sentry Real Income 1951-55 Class; Sentry Real Income 1946-50 Class; and Sentry Real Income 1941-45 Class.

Sentry also has a Real Income Custom Solution lineup of four pooled funds, which are designed to help financial advisors develop personal retirement-income strategies and manage the evolving retirement needs of their clients.

All private pools and portfolios within the program will be available in Series A, Series F and Series O and, with the exception of two fixed-income pools, are offered in a corporate-class format. The full list of the products included in the private investment program can be found through the firm’s announcement (

The minimum investment amount for Sentry’s private pool funds and the firm’s managed portfolios under the Real Income product lineup is $100,000. That requirement is waived if members of a household collectively invest $250,000 with Sentry. The minimum to participate in Sentry’s Real Income Custom Solution is $250,000.

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