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Winnipeg-based IG Wealth Management has added discretionary model portfolios to its iProfile Private Portfolios through the launch of six new private pools.

The new model portfolios will integrate existing private pools with six new private pools designed to give high net-worth investors access to institutional wealth management and diversification opportunities, according to a release.

Three new active allocation private pools primarily use ETFs to deliver long-term capital appreciation through equity and/or fixed income securities around the world.

A new alternatives private pool invests in liquid alternatives including the J.P. Morgan–IG U.S. Long Short Equity Pool, the Mackenzie Global Macro Fund and the Wellington–IG Global Equity Hedge Pool.

A new ETF private pool invests in developed markets through products including the Mackenzie Canadian Equity Index ETF, the Mackenzie International Equity Index ETF and the Mackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF.

A new low-volatility private pool is designed to offer exposure to global equities with lower volatility over a full market cycle than broad markets.

IG Wealth Management has also added investments in four private credit funds — the Northleaf Senior Private Credit fund, the Northleaf Private Credit II fund, the Sagard Credit Partners II fund and the PIMCO Corporate Opportunities Fund — to its existing iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool.