Royal Mutual Funds Inc. is eliminating sales charges on third party funds sold through its retail branch network, effective immediately.

“The elimination of all sales charges on third-party funds benefits our clients by providing greater flexibility and choice from a complete range of investment solutions,” said Anne Lockie, president and CEO, in a release. “We believe this change is an important one and reaffirms our commitment to our investment clients.”

RBC branches currently provide customers with access to virtually every major fund family in Canada in addition to offering its own line-up from RBC Asset Management Inc.

RBC’s no-load proprietary fund family, RBC Funds, has never been subject to sales charges.

“Enhancing our third-party offering further demonstrates RBC’s ongoing focus on expanding our branch-based investment relationships with clients,” added Lockie.

Third-party mutual funds are available through more than 1,500 in-branch and mobile RBC financial planners.