O’Leary Funds Management LP will be offering a low load deferred sales charge option for nine of its funds, effective mid-January.

The DSC will be offered for:
> O’Leary Canadian Equity Yield Fund;
> O’Leary Canadian Balanced Yield Fund;
> O’Leary Canadian Bond Yield Fund;
> O’Leary Founder’s Series Income & Growth Fund;
> O’Leary Global Equity Yield Fund;
> O’Leary Global Yield Opportunities Fund;
> O’Leary Global Bond Yield Fund;
> O’Leary Global Infrastructure Yield Fund; and
> O’Leary Strategic Yield Class.

Certain series of the funds will be eligible to be purchased under either the front end sales charge or, effective mid January 2011, the low load DSC. The choice of purchase option affects the sales charges that the investor, or the manager, will pay to an investor’s dealer.

Investors choosing the low load option will pay no sales charge to their dealer when investing in units or shares of a fund. The manager will pay the sales charge directly to the relevant dealer. Investors that sell their units or shares in a fund within three years will be subject to a redemption charge.

The redemption fee starts at 3.0% during the first 18 months and decreases thereafter. If the investors hold their units or shares for more than three years (i.e., they sell them after the beginning of the fourth year), they will pay no redemption fee.