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Toronto-based Mackenzie Investments has launched new fixed-income funds focused on monthly income and green bonds.

The Mackenzie Monthly Income Growth Portfolio will invest in Canadian and global securities, other funds and derivative strategies to provide investors with predictable income and lower volatility, a release said.

The Series A version of the fund has a 1.75% management fee, with a low-to-medium risk rating. The fund is managed by two portfolio managers on the Mackenzie multi-asset strategies team.

“Mackenzie Monthly Income Growth Portfolio adds to our suite of monthly income portfolios and was designed primarily for retirees in the decumulation phase of investing,” said Kristi Ashcroft, head of product at Mackenzie Investments.

The Mackenzie Global Green Bond Fund, also launched on Monday, invests in green bonds and other debt instruments used to finance a greener future, including other mutual funds or ETFs.

The Series A version of the green bond fund has a 1.40% management fee with a low risk rating. The fund is managed by the Mackenzie fixed-income team.

Earlier this month, Mackenzie launched a private infrastructure fund as well as two funds that offer exposure to China.