Mackenzie Financial Corporation is making changes to the Quadrus Corporate Class Funds distributed through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., the company announced on Friday.

Among the changes, the Mackenzie Maxxum Canadian Equity Growth Fund and Mackenzie Universal Canadian Resource Fund are being added to the Quadrus Canadian Equity Corporate Class Fund.

In addition, the Mackenzie Saxon Small Cap Fund and Fidelity NorthStar Fund are being added to the Quadrus North American Specialty Corporate Class Fund.

The AIM Global Growth Class is being added to the Quadrus US & International Equity Corporate Class Fund.

Mackenzie also announced that it is broadening the global specialty mandate of the Quadrus US & International Specialty Corporate Class Fund. In order to do this, allocations are being made to the following funds: Mackenzie Universal World Resource Class, Mackenzie Universal World Real Estate Class, Mackenzie Universal World Science & Technology Class, Mackenzie Universal Health Sciences Class and Mackenzie Universal Global Infrastructure Fund.

Other minor target changes to existing managers for all Quadrus Corporate Class Funds may occur as part of this review, Mackenzie said.