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Toronto-based iA Clarington Investments Inc. announced the launch of a new global equity fund on Monday, along with three ETF versions of existing funds and enhancements to the firm’s managed asset program. 

The iA Clarington Loomis Global Equity Opportunities Fund is a concentrated global equity solution with a high-conviction strategy that aims to identify high-quality companies with potential for total return, the firm said in a release. The fund has a concentrated portfolio of 35-65 holdings and is actively managed by Loomis Sayles. 

iA Clarington has also launched active ETF versions of three additional funds, which began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Monday. They are:

  • The iA Clarington Floating Rate Income Fund, which invests primarily in senior floating rate loans, other floating rate securities and debt obligations of both investment grade and non-investment grade North American and global corporate issuers. 
  • The iA Clarington Global Allocation Fund, which invests in equity securities, fixed-income investments and money market instruments globally.
  • The iA Clarington Strategic Income Fund, which invests in Canadian equity and fixed income investments. 

The fee structure for the active ETF series of the funds is the same as series F.

The firm also announced its flagship managed asset program has been renamed iA Wealth Managed Portfolios, and now features a broader range of third-party investment managers, including Dynamic Funds, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC, Mackenzie Investments, Manulife Investment Management and PIMCO Canada Corp. 

A number of changes have also been made to the asset allocation parameters of the portfolios, as well as individual portfolio name changes, which are detailed here.