Canadian VC funding activity surges in 2016

Toronto-based Franklin Templeton Investments Canada Corp. on Wednesday introduced Franklin Bissett Canadian Bond Fund for investors seeking an all-Canadian core fixed income fund.

The fund invests across the broad Canadian bond universe, the firm says in its announcement, including investment grade debt securities issued by Canadian corporations, all levels of government and their agencies.

“For advisors building customized portfolios for their clients, Franklin Bissett Canadian Bond Fund is a pure Canadian fixed income offering that invests in the broad Canadian bond universe. The fund typically generates stable income and helps reduce overall portfolio volatility,” says Duane Green, president and CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments Canada, in a statement.

The new fund is co-managed by three managers at Calgary-based Franklin Bissett Investment Management: Tom O’Gorman, SVP, director of fixed income and portfolio manager; Darcy Briggs, SVP and portfolio manager; and Brian Calder, VP, senior trader and portfolio manager. These managers have 30, 23 and 18 years of industry experience, respectively, and an average of 12 years with the firm.

The fund was originally offered to Canadian institutional clients as Bissett Canadian Core Bond Trust. With the expansion to a retail offering, the fund is now available in Series A, F, PF and O.