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2022 is now the peak year for companies’ maturities

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Investors expect to increase their allocations to core fixed-income portfolios

The rate is projected to continue a downward path in 2018

Skinny bond returns have investors looking for alternatives among equities. But investors need to understand the inherent risks

  • By: Dan Hallett
  • November 14, 2017 November 14, 2017
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Deal met by strong investor demand

The government says it plans to issue the bond later this week, subject to market conditions

How to adjust credit quality and term to preserve yield in a landscape of rising credit costs and stable inflation

With the U.S. facing headwinds and with rising rates and growth at home, Canada is the sweet spot for debt markets

Looking ahead, the unwinding quantitative easing programs will pose challenges to both borrowers and lenders

The rate is expected to continue declining in the months ahead