Grand opening, cutting red ribbon

Toronto-based Fidelity Investments Canada ULC has launched four funds, including three liquid alternatives funds.

The three liquid alts — Fidelity Canada’s first foray into liquid alternatives — are the Fidelity Global Value Long/Short Fund, the Fidelity Market Neutral Alternative Fund and the Fidelity Long/Short Alternative Fund.

The global value fund invests in equity securities around the world and uses short-selling and derivatives strategies, while both of the other funds focus on North American equities and use similar strategies. Each fund seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation.

Fidelity Investments said in a release that the alternative fund suite is “designed for investors who are looking to widen the scope of their investment universe beyond ‘long-only’ investing.”

In a separate release, the firm announced the launch of the Fidelity Long-Term Leaders Fund, a global equity strategy that seeks long-term capital growth and invests in companies around the globe “that are believed to be leaders in their respective industries and have above-average long-term growth potential.”

That fund’s eight-person management team works alongside analysts to identify companies that have sustainable competitive advantages, strong management and other attractive characteristics such as strong growth and consolidation or M&A activity.

A currency-neutral version of the long-term leaders fund is also available.