Bridgehouse introduces Morningstar Managed Investments Program

Brandes Investment Partners and Co. (a.ka. Bridgehouse Asset Managers) and Morningstar Associates Inc., both based in Toronto, announced the launch of Morningstar Managed Investments Program (MMIP) on Tuesday.

MMIP delivers five risk-targeted Morningstar portfolios consisting of objectively selected third-party managers of mutual funds, pooled funds and ETFs. No proprietary products are included, Bridgehouse says in a news release.

“It’s challenging for an advisor to assemble and manage third-party portfolios like these because of the trading, paperwork and point-of-sale duties,” says Carol Lynde, Bridgehouse’s president and chief operating officer, in a statement. “It’s an enormous advisor benefit for Morningstar to manage the portfolios: manager selection, asset allocation, construction, monitoring and rebalancing.”

In addition, the program is supported with investor experience tools, including an Investor Profile Questionnaire to help assess risk and an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to inform investors about their portfolios.

“The investor experience components are designed to promote product suitability and provide an audit trail that dovetails nicely with know-your-client requirements,” Lynde adds.

MMIP and the portfolios are available only on Bridgehouse’s independent platform, which targets advisors and their clients.

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