DRC 2018 cover

The vast majority of financial advisors surveyed for Investment Executive’s annual Dealers’ Report Card have been quite happy to recommend their firm to another advisor during the past 10 years, regardless of the ups and downs that may be happening within their dealers or in the industry at large. But there are exceptions, and some advisors have been less than keen to give their firms a vote of confidence among their peers.

Dealers’ Report Card 2018: How a dealer’s ratings and advisors’ recommendations correlate

At least 88.7% of the advisors surveyed for the Report Card have said they would recommend their firm to another advisor each year during the past decade. However, a closer look at the individual firms included in the Report Card reveals that there have been times when advisors hesitated to recommend their dealer. This hesitation usually happens during times of transition at a firm and often corresponds with a lower IE rating for that dealer. (A firm’s IE  rating is the average of all the categories for which the dealer received a score on the main ratings table.)

This slideshow breaks down the percentage of advisors who would recommend their firm to another advisor over the past 10 years and how that has compared to the dealer’s IE rating.