woman sitting at laptop

Prosper Canada has launched a free online tool intended to simplify the search for government benefits, the national charity announced Wednesday. The tool is meant to help individuals as well as community service providers that help people access income benefits.

Sponsored by TD Bank Group, the Benefits Wayfinder Tool provides customized benefit recommendations based on a user’s life circumstances. The tool is available in English or French and presented in plain language.

The tool acts “as a personal guide, helping individuals to quickly navigate the maze of government information and successfully identify benefits they may be eligible for, but not receiving, and how to access them,” said Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO of Prosper Canada, in a release.

Users can search for benefits by their life phase; by completing a brief questionnaire; or by indicating the benefits they’re already receiving, which allows them to see related benefits. Users can also see a full list of government benefits.

The tool also provides users with a list of agencies in their local community that can help them access government benefits, including help to complete benefit applications and to file tax returns.