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map of canada where ontario province is pulled out

The Progressive Conservatives are halting or reversing some of the previous government’s tax changes

map of canada where ontario province is pulled out

Reversal spares 1.8 million taxpayers, government says

Canadian money in the black wallet

Tax filers with a total income of more than $3 million had the largest increase in their effective federal income tax rate in 2016

The CRA revised its voluntary disclosure program, which may deter some taxpayers from coming forward. Applications to the program are down significantly since the changes were introduced in March

a date circled on a 15th day of a calendar with blue ink

The instalment system can be complicated, so clients need help figuring out which one of the three methods to pay their taxes makes the most sense

space shuttle and space station in space

At issue was the $41.8-million price tag for a trip Cirque du Soleil’s founder Guy Laliberté had been reimbursed for as a business expense

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The federal tax agency is making the transition to a new telephone system that will connect callers with agents more efficiently

Canadian individual tax form T1 close-up

Latest CRA study finds government could be losing up to 2.2% of individual tax revenue through offshore tax evasion

Quebec and Canadian Flags`

Quebec premier sets two conditions for collecting federal taxes

Businessman calculating and checking articles of agreemen

TFEC will help to improve collaboration between the CRA and the tax preparation and software industry

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