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Toronto-based Mantle314, a climate-risk consultancy, is developing software to help public companies align their disclosure with recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

The new platform, Manifest, is currently in pilot stage, with more than 15 public companies across the real estate, consumer, transportation and financial services sectors testing the platform.

“The pilot is focusing on the TCFD recommendation to start with governance and the disclosure process,” a release said.

A separate pilot project involving four banks and asset managers is aimed at “training personnel on the fundamentals of climate, TCFD reporting and their impact on business,” among other objectives.

Going forward, Mantle314 plans to build on Manifest by adding tools to help assess and improve companies’ climate-related processes, among other features.

“There is unprecedented pressure to disclose climate change-related financial risks and opportunities,” said Laura Zizzo, co-Founder and CEO of Mantle314, in the release. “Our software solution will identify, organize and communicate the financial risk and opportunities for any business.”