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The Climate Financial Risk Forum's guide helps firms understand risks

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The Liberals’ LEEFF program may provide insight into post-pandemic initiatives

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Covid-19 may slow the pace of the transition, but it will continue

Pollution reduction will likely prove temporary once the crisis eases, MSCI says

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Issuers are being pushed to follow global standards, and financial firms will face tougher demands too

Investment entities need to improve disclosure practices: CSA

Banks mull climate risks but provide little financial data

Advisors’ training for risk assessments should be boosted, IAP recommends

The economic impact of the transition to a low-carbon economy may be "sharply negative, at least for some time"

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Climate change, sustainability and concerns about an aging population are looming larger

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The new benchmark indexes are designed to provide a hedge against transition risk

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The new metric aims to provide insight into climate-driven risks and opportunities