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Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

We need to allocate capital to sustainability leaders across many sectors and invest in companies supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

The number of firms supporting the task force’s climate-related disclosure recommendations has more than doubled since the final recommendations were published in June

Investors can take steps to manage their exposure to risks

An open letter from the CEO stresses the firm’s focus on the long-term, bottom-line impact of these factors on its investments

Improved corporate disclosure on climate risks is needed to help investors understand long-term investment opportunities

The bank is also committed to facilitating US$200 billion in clean energy financing through 2025

Securities regulators to assess climate change-related risks

Climetrics allows investors to more easily integrate climate impact considerations into their investment decisions

Companies’ carbon emissions hamper portfolio performance

A global task force chaired by Michael Bloomberg says climate risks and opportunities cannot be ignored

Climate change risks become a key consideration for asset managers

Securities regulators to assess climate change-related risks

The CSA says that it will be seeking “high quality disclosure of material information”