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In an effort to help promote sustainable investing, Nasdaq has launched a new platform to boost investor access to environmental, social and sustainability bonds.

The exchange said on Tuesday that it has launched a venue, known as the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN), for issuers to showcase their sustainable bonds and their efforts at pursuing sustainability.

“Built on the expertise we have gained building our European sustainable debt markets and our ESG data portal, this launch marks the next phase in our ambition to increase access and transparency around sustainable bonds to issuers and investors across the globe,” said Bjørn Sibbern, executive vice president and head of European markets at Nasdaq.

Nasdaq said it will continue to develop the new platform in consultation with a global advisory board, comprised of major investors, issuers and other organizations.

“We are confident that initiatives such as Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network will increase interest in sustainable investments globally,” said Esa Kallio, president and CEO of Municipality Finance plc, a Finnish lender. “This is urgently needed in a situation where climate crisis and social inequality call for fast solutions.”