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Advisor tracking stocks

Non-trading revenues at U.S. venues also rose in 2023, Fitch reports

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Index funds will be forced to adjust their weightings, but actively managed funds may not have to make as many changes

Bitcoin Electronic Crypto Currency Exchange Concept Illustration

The digital assets service responds to demand from institutional investors, the company said

diverse group of advisors

Disclosure initiative will enhance transparency, diversity, Moody's says


Companies that don’t meet diversity criteria must explain why they couldn’t comply 

United States Capitol, Washington DC

Donations halted in response to attack on U.S. Capitol


Record trading volumes to drive earnings for options markets

Old Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park and Winnipeg River

CME set to launch water futures

People Working Finance Stock Exchange ConceptPeople Working Finance Stock Exchange Concept

There will be more remote working, and Nasdaq is set to close an options trading floor in Philadelphia

Horn speaker for public relations sign symbol, vintage color - sun with blue sky

Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network aims to be a showcase for sustainability efforts