Doing Homework

The results are in for FP Canada’s October sitting of the Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP) exam.

The exam was written by 57 candidates, and the pass rate for first-timers was 68%, a release said. That compares to 56 candidates and a pass rate of 81% at the last sitting, in June.

In an FP Canada survey, 73% of candidates said they wrote the exam to enhance their skills and better serve clients, the release said. The same proportion said title regulation was a motivating factor.

In addition to passing the exam, candidates for QAFP certification must have a post-secondary diploma and at least one year of qualifying work experience. Effective April 2024, candidates without a diploma may obtain certification if they have at least five years of qualifying work experience.

QAFP certification launched in January 2020, and there were about 1,400 QAFP professionals in Canada as of Sept. 30, 2023, FP Canada’s website says.