The Toronto-based Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (CLHIA) has launched a web-based tool designed to fill a gap in information available to Canadians who are mere months away from retirement.

“Retiring soon?” helps Canadians who are within a year or so of retirement understand the tasks they will have to undertake, such as applying for government benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, converting workplace pensions and RRSPs into retirement income and organizing family and financial documents.

The tool also communicates the role of a financial advisor in helping retirees prepare for this later stage of life, according to CLHIA’s announcement released Wednesday.

Although there’s a lot of information on retirement planning for those who are years away from entering their post-work life, there’s a gap in the area of co-ordinated resources available for those planning to retire within six to 12 months, says CLHIA in a statement.

Jane Rooney, Canada’s financial literacy leader, lauds the tool, describing it as a “unique and informative” resource that aligns with Canada’s national strategy for financial literacy, which is being implemented under her watch.

“Employers and advisors alike will also find it helpful as they provide information and advice on retirement to their employees and clients,” she adds.

The tool is accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones. It is currently available through CLHIA’s website.

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