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Personal advice beats out search engines when it comes to major life events, according to a survey

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Canadians reveal their misconceptions about when, where and how they would retire

Taking care of business clients

Self-employed clients can be a joy to work with, but they present unique challenges

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Financial planners and financial advisors need to understand millennials’ preferences to gain their trust and business

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Research shows that RI does not lead to poorer returns

Low rates and clients' longevity challenge traditional asset allocation, yet moving beyond the status quo is also a challenge

With many institutions offering free courses for seniors, there are several options for retirees who want to be lifelong learners

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While seniors are increasingly tech-savvy, scammers are becoming more sophisticated. Share this list of tips with your senior clients

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Two thirds of Canadians say they want to know more about the logistics of their retirement

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The BDO report says 27% of Canadians don't have enough for their daily needs